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Thursday, November 12, 2009

watched transformers 2 today, yea i know i'm so outdated but what to do? It's not my fault that perlis doesn't even have a cinema. well, anyway i haven't finish watching it cause i had to cook rice and bathe and i ended up in front of my computer again. so i'll probably watch it tomorrow. I'm very near to the saving the world part, and it was kinda interesting. But yea, i was interrupted, so nevermind.

school was...ok again. Today we played "the lying card", and i realized i was kinda good at! i was ranked 2nd after a few rounds. of course, our biggest liar, ze chen won. teehee

what more to say? plans
1.finish my crossstitch
2.drawing! haven't touched my drawing pad in months
3.maybe a bit of painting and crafting?
4.clean up my drawers my sister's novels
6.hmm..maybe learn something from youtube? like how to tie different hairstyles
7.practice violin and piano
8.will think about it later on

holidays!!!!!!!!!!! here i come!!!!!!!!!!!!

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