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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

3rd day without mum at home:

i came home without rice to eat
was too lazy too cook, so i watched tv till i slept
after i woke up, i felt so hungry
so here i am now, waiting for the rice to be cooked
the vegetables are cold, but i gotta stop being so picky
if mum still doesn't come home, i guess i'm gonna stop taking lunch like my dad
but no
she's coming home tomorrow. =)

was well.. duno but ummm.. boring?
played cards
again, no food to bring to school, i survived by eating a piece of bread
knew more of my results... they were still ok
came home exhausted though i practically did nothing in school
can't wait for saturday to come, that means we're going to kedah to watch 2012 =)

oh and please, i hope i don't have to listen so much about them talking about results and everything else. I hope it will be over as soon as possible.
hurted because certain people just don't know me well enough to know what kind of person i am. Certainly not someone who will abandon a friend just because of results. =(

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