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Saturday, November 7, 2009

praying for a miracle

today, pastor jenny from Bukit Mertajam came to preach in the chinese service. She was from perlis, borned here, married here, got to know God here too. =) So, she practically knew all of us but i guess the last time she saw me was when i was just 4 or 5? She shared about faith and how God knows what we are thinking and want to bless us all the time. Through her sermon, i got to know how God can bless us in many ways! But more importantly, at the end of the sermon, she told us that before she came, God wanted her to pray for 2 people. She said that she told God that the certain one person was probably not going to show up in this church, as she never came back in about 15 years, so she had no idea uncle chin aik was attending our church. then she said, when she saw uncle coming through the doors, she heard God telling her "i told you so"..

i was playing the piano, i can see uncle wiping his tears, then tears started to rimmed my eyes too. And i knew why, all of us knew why, we were touched when God even called pastor to pray for uncle before coming. God knew..

shaking when he teached, never being able to stand straight, dragging his leg whenever he walked.. It aches everytime i see him. Parkinsons was something we never understanded, why him? we wonder. It got worse day by day.. since the last month, our church prayed for uncle every week. We all yearn for a miracle to happen. And God also told pastor jenny who never came back in 15 years to pray for uncle. I believe, God knows what uncle wants. I have faith, a miracle will happen.

For this to come true, we all will pray, and wait, and wait..till God cast a miracle on uncle. A miracle may not be healing, but i believe, a miracle from God is definitely the best for uncle.

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