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Friday, November 6, 2009

since when?

since when..
did nothing really hurts that much anymore?

since when..
did things that were so important to me had started to fade away?

since when..
did i started to feel numb towards emotions?

since when..
did fragile became a word that did not belong to me anymore?

since when..
did i fell in love with silence?

since when..
did people around me started to change too?

since when..
did i barely know you anymore?

since when...
did i realize i'm no longer the 13-year-old girl?

since when..
did places in my heart had started to shift?

time brings growth, passing brings change

love brings courage, faith brings miracles

failure brings success, fall brings strength

growing every moment makes me realize that how often i look back and ask myself, since when? there's no turning back, just one step to the front, with more love, faith and hope. I know, You will hold my hand and lead me to walk this journey, not alone, but with You..
So, since when? i'll probably never know, i just know i will still change, and hopefully.. for the better

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