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Thursday, November 19, 2009

didn't go to school today XD
woke up at 10.30am, read my sister's novel. Surprisingly, I was almost finished with the novel by evening, but saved some for tonight or maybe tomorrow. Can't believe tomorrow's the last day of school, should be happy but will miss the times where we played BIG 2, the lying card, heart attack in class and shouted like crazy people until even our juniors hissed a loud 'shhhhhhhhhhh...' at us.

UPSR results out today! was really outdated cause i just knew about the results a few minutes ago. (when my friends told me on msn and happened to read about it in ying yi's blog) So like what we've expected, our friends' little sisters got full A's, and happened to be pretty girls. Not being like shallow or what, just happened to hear that they are pretty, and happened to know that they want to enter our school, so am anticipating to see them. Just curious you know. okayyy, or you can say that i' m just "kepo". was shocked when informed that only 4 from khoon aik (my former primary school and the largest chinese school in perlis) got straight A's. don't know what happened but heard that many cried. Can't blame them, it was important to them cause UPSR results determine which secondary school they would be going to.

we would be THE seniors next year! (not that never been a senior, just that i'm gonna be the most senior one this time! gosh, sounds old) can't believe time's passing so fast, was junior, am now senior, who must be respected, often adored, envied or made idol. Or that's what i thought seniors should be like. anyway, am the elder one now! Just the thought of it makes me feel satisfied. *grins* of course, must show good example so that they would follow after my footsteps, am so ambitious. O.O..freaky. too eager to be the elder one i suppose, never had someone younger than me to bully at home. am the BULLIED one!

Qi sern asked why i wasn't a prefect. told him, not chosen.. very startled, he asked WHY? not suitable, i told him, talked too much. yea, definitely because i talked too much. "But you are so good.." was touched, no one told me that. but knew deep within my heart, 'ain't good enough'

oh much for today

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