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Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip to Johor

i'm back!
packed all my things, sat in the car for 6 long hours, dozed off after reaching kl

woke up at 11am, dad drove to kelana jaya and we took the LRT setting off to the warehouse sale in a shopping complex in Taman Jaya.

*in the warehouse sale*

loads of people! had to line up and waited for about 10 minutes just to enter the store. The warehouse sale was called 'The Big Bad Book Sale', selling Big Bad Wolf books. had no idea why they gave such a name, but who cares? there were so many books! It was heaven for book lovers! everything's very cheap, just rm8 for a novel. can buy 8 books with the amount of money used to buy 2 novels in MPH or borders. everyone was carrying boxes, i wondered if any of them planned to buy boxes of books and sell them to other people with high prices. Would earn a lot of money as the books are still brand new. Was push and knocked by boxes and people while looking for books, everywhere was filled with people, can't stand in the same place for too long, will be crushed! Can't find any of jodi picoult or nicholas sparks's books. have to stick to authors i don't know. In the end, i bought about 10 novels, dad and mum bought many books and magazines too. Will never buy anymore books till i finish all of them! the books were so heavy, thanks to dad who bought large thick cover books, we had to carry the books to the LRT station, was weared out by the time we reach the car. finally understand why it was called the big bad book sale, it lured us to buy so many books!!

on the way to the LRT station, we saw some promotion on iphone going on. found out that the iphones were fake ones, made in taiwan. the price ranged from rm399 to rm899. of course the rm899 one had exactly the same function as the real iphone. rm699? it had functions of typical china phone, which means there's tv, dual Sim cards function plus it also had functions of the apple iphone. It had Wifi, touch screen and other functions. Mum was quite interested. She spent an hour plus talking to the salesman while dad and i rot away in secret recipe. My cake lasted for at least an hour while i read the newspaper. Mum finally bought the "iphone" for rm600, we explored the iphone and find it quite interesting, but we didn;t discover its weaknesses yet!

reached johor at about 4pm. at 5 something, i was woken by mum's calling. "koko calls you to wake up!" i woke up immediately, knowing i'm gonna see koko's girlfriend. They were in the living room, excited, i waved my hand at vivian, she smiled widely at me and also waved back. Then koko and vivian gave me a plastic, a gift for me! "i heard you did really well in your exam"vivian said. The gift from them was a reward for me, i thanked them then i opened the plastic cover and i exclaimed very loudly, " an Iphone?????!!!!!!"
"no" they said, it's an itouch ipod.. oh....
but not so Oh... when i realised that it has all functions an iphone has except that it does not have the functions of a normal phone and it doesn't have a camera. It was the best gift i ever received!!!
That night was ah ma's birthday dinner, all our relatives arrived for the dinner in the restaurant. It was really nice to see everyone together, it felt like chinese new year.hehe. We took many family photos. It was a great birthday celebration.
I got to know vivian even better, and she's really nice! She said i'm getting prettier and prettier, again, thanks to dad who showed them my old photos and told them how i ugly i was when i was still a kid.
But vivian's still really nice and friendly even if she didn't say that..wahahaha
What word to describe my brother's girlfriend? pretty, smart, talented, nice, humble, simple, gentle, friendly
i'm so happy for koko that he found such a nice girlfriend. And of course, we must not forget to thank God for giving koko such a good companion, mum's prayer finally paid off.

we ate the best "gu bak mee" in whole Malaysia, not exaggerating! They were so busy that they decline to " dabao" so that Vivian could bring some back for her dad to eat. must eat it again when we go back during Chinese new year!
my cousin sister =)
we bade everyone goodbye, then we started our journey back home.

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