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Saturday, November 14, 2009

i watched 2012!! The cinema was so full. We sat at the 3rd row, i personally felt that it was too near to the screen but that's the best they had despite going there 3 hours before to buy the tickets. The story was a bit like noah's ark? They had the ship, which is almost the same as noah's ark. Besides, they even brought ziraffes, elephants and other animals into the enormous ship. Like always, i cried, jiaying cried and chang zhi cried..hahahha. and i was laughing at him while the movie was still on cause it's so funny seeing him wiping away his tears. ok, i didn't really see him clearly in the dark, but stil, i saw it, changzhi. No denying. blek =P
Anyway, the movie was great, breath-taking and touching at the same time. =)

After that, we went to pacific and loitered around, also bought ying xin and rhu yie their presents. Then shermaine's aunty came to take us to the bus station. She was really nice to bring us there cause it was hard to find a taxi at pacific. then,we went up the bus and took crazy pictures all the way back to perlis. Not to mention, we talked and laughed so loud that the other passengers kept looking at us. It was embarassing. But of course, we did try to keep our volumes down. =D


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