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Thursday, November 5, 2009

fish crackers

"I know of one case where seperation was triggered because the spouse smelled of fish crackers." huh???????????

my parents and i got a shock when we read the article in star paper. or i would say, we were overwhelmed...with laughter? Government in Terengganu discovered that 3 out of 10 marriages ended up in divorce, and the reasons were simply smelly body odour, boring pyjamas and more. so guess what they had decided to do?
"introduce special perfumes to be used by couples that could sustain relationships till death do them apart. " Of course, they still have other strategies, but this is one of the funny ones.
perfumes? looks like foul smell is keeping them apart, but are marriages about physical needs? can perfumes actually save a marriage?
if a fish cracker can "crack" a marriage, i guess they never really considered whether their love for each other is true or mainly just for the sake of it.

i believe in true love, but somehow.. some people don't..that's why they fall in traps like one set by using fish crackers..laugh.out.loud! lol!

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