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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ah..glittering, shimmering things, colourful pendents and diamonds (of course the fake ones made of glass), anything that sparkles under light (or without light, if there are diamonds like that!) makes me happy. Don't ask me why, they are just beautiful to me. Though, this doesn't mean i love dresses with diamonds all over it, ewwww. (like what those people wear in tv, as if they are not striking enough) The same thing goes with hand phones, cars? or some kind of glittering box. Don't like too much diamond, looks...girly and too shiny.
Anyway, the point is, too much is never too good. However, if i have any shiny accessories on me, i would be delighted. again..i would like to emphasize, not too much. perhaps a small pair of shiny earrings will do. =)

perhaps you are wondering, why am i writing about these? well, I'm just too boring and have nothing else to post about. (or to be more accurate, can't thing of anything else at this moment) hmm..maybe a little update on what's going on in school? Finally the results were all out. The results were good enough, dad was satisfied and he said i did a good job. =D

But, i must not forget why i could have achieved all these in the 1st place.. Firstly, a very very big thank you to God almighty! If not for Him, i won't be able to do well. Moreover, i want to give all glory to Him. It's all Yours, God. hehe
2ndly, my family for giving me support. (i sound like i just won the Grammy awards, augh) thanks to mum who warmed up the soup at night and buying me all the junk food during the period of exam. It's weird cause i was really hungry during the exam, maybe used too much brain power.=D haha!!! And dad, asking me how was the papers almost everyday, which i answered "ok lo" everytime.
3rdly, to my friends, who tell me what to study and giving me moral support like saying 'jiayou' before every paper. (well, almost every paper) although they keep telling me i don't have to study. =.=

anyway, this year is finally over!! i hope this moment lasts forever, then i don't have to prepare for form 5 and could enjoy my holidays forever. But that's impossible, so i better wake up from my dreams. o.O

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