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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Your Touch

i bowed my head and closed my eyes as i talked to God in my heart. 'what r u doing?', she asked. 'praying', i answered as i smiled. The next question was unexpected. 'can u teach me how to pray?' i raised my head and i nodded without hesistant. 'come over here', i gestured. She walked to my bed and sat in front of me. 'u just have to close ur eyes, and talk to God, He's listening', i explained. Seeming surprised at how simple it is, she didnt know what to do next. So i held her hands, and told her 'let's pray'. Holding her hands, I said a simple prayer, asking God to help us the next day and granting her peace. Then, it ended with 'amen', a sign of agreement. 'Don't worry and get some sleep', i told her and noticed her watered eyes. She just kept quiet and smiled a little. Then, we went back to bed.

'get up and pray for her' i sensed God telling me when i was already in bed. 'what? Why?' 'pray for her' honestly, i was reluctant for i was worried that she wouldnt like it. But i couldn't just sleep on it, and i was sure that God was being serious. So i went to her bed and patted her arm gently. 'hey.. I want to pray for u..' she got up a bit shocked but she let me hold her hands again and shutted her eyelids. The words which came from my mouth wasnt exactly frm myself, it was the holy spirit. I remembered praying 'Lord u created her just the way she is, and she might not know, but show her that she's so special and how precious she is in your eyes. Let her know that u're always there for her no matter what'

That night, i went to bed in tears, so did she. Not tears of sadness though.

Sometimes, there's this indescribable feeling we do not understand which makes us feel more fortunate and loved than anyone else. I do not know how to put those feelings in words. But one thing im sure, God is so real that i can feel his touch. Because He loves me and the people around me so much, im learning to love as much as i can even though im not perfect and neither r u.

'Lord help me to love her although it's not easy. she means a lot to me.'


Im sorry for all the wrong things i did and said.

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