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Thursday, September 2, 2010


i looked into the space ahead of me, 400 meters, i reminded myself. The grass felt dry and sharp, a sensation of heat from beneath the ground warmed my feet. i took a deep breath as i eyed the teacher as he pointed the gun at a round board, before i knew it, the trigger was pulled, the crowds went crazy.
i began to take the first step, continuing with the next. My alternating footsteps gradually accelerated until i moved at a constant pace. I could only hear my own breathing, the air i breathed in felt dry but i did not feel the heat of the scorching sun. in the distance, i heard familiar voices calling out to me. They seemed more excited than me, i stayed focus but i could hear my name echoing in the air.
My mind was blank, all i knew was i needed to keep on running. Each step i took reminded me that i was not staying at the same ground but i was moving forward, nearing the finish line. i felt free, like nothing was able to stop me, like i was able to go as far as i could, nothing to pull me back or to control me, the indescribable feeling i always had whenever i started to run. It was not just about my legs, it was about something more.
i kept my eyes on the grass and the figures of the other athletes in front. "Lord give me strength" i prayed in my heart as i prepared for my sprint. last 100 metres approached, it's time, i told myself. then my legs, as if carried by the wind, started bringing me to a faster speed, slowly overtaking the ones in front. the wind coming in my direction blew my hair backwards, i clutched my fist tighter than ever, i was almost there. i heard shrieks, i heard the name of my house's name being announced, i heard my name more loudly than ever. I was tired, a bit more i thought as i pressed on.
then, i finally passed the line, letting out my last heavy breath. Knowing that my friends were there for me, ready to catch me, i fell. Safe in my friends' arms, they congratulated me. "you ran so fast," they said with wide smiles. i looked at them and gave them the widest grin, i knew that i had something other racers didn't have, i had friends who carried me as my legs become wobbly, friends who massaged my leg because of the awful sore, friends who cheered me on. i had enough =)
running is not just about running, it's a passion.

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