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Saturday, June 12, 2010

when chris gets interested in art =)

splash drawing

okay so i did not do nothing during the holidays =P had the enthusiasm to draw again after i stopped drawing since last year. i found drawings i had drawn a few years back =) was kinda surprise to see the drawings in my drawing book because i didnt even realize i loved drawing so much last time. hehe.

Drawings from a few years back

im working on my brother's and his girlfriend's drawing. almost done =)

nex project would be the violin and the rose.
but something's wrong with the computer, so i can't start with the drawing yet as i downloaded many images as references. stuck with my mum's laptop =/
p/s: sorry for the poor-quality photos! was lazy to adjust the lighting and everything. a scanner would be helpful =P


  1. Hey, those are really really really good drawings..waaah, u can play the piano, drums and draw..tsk tsk tsk..what else can u do arh? hahahaXD

  2. im not even very good in those =0 but thanks marcusssss...haha =)

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