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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The day we said goodbye

ze chen: now let's welcome Chris Tan, our student's representative to give her speech.

*walks up the stage, holds the mike and gives a big smile*
a very good afternoon to the senior assistant, Teacher Nurul and my fellow friends. On this day, I, Chris Tan am representing all the students in SMK Derma to deliver a speech specially for my dearest friend from Germany, Susi Friedel.
*looks at Susi, she grins back*

Susi, never once we thought that we could ever have a German girl as a classmate, a friend and a family member. *pause, catches a glance of Susi, her face was red and she already started crying* *starts to get emotional*

*trembling as i try to control my tears* *it's only the 1st sentence, i can't cry so early!!*
The moment you stepped into our lives in September last year, you became a part of us, a Malaysian and a dermarian. When we 1st saw you, the 1st distinctive difference we saw was your blue eyes, golden brown hair and of course, your height which made us felt like dwarfs.
*tries to sound more cheerful**failed attempt*

At 1st, we were so afraid of you because you were so shy when you just came. However, after getting to know you better, only we realized that you were no different from us on the inside. You too, were full energy, fun, passion and love. You too, were a student who loves life and me *lol moment*
You may not know, but you brought so much fun to us, by painting our lives with a new colour and by breathing a new breath into us.
*gets really emotional, caught Susi crying even more*

*felt touched* *continued with my speech*

you may not realize, but we really appreciate what you've done, helping us with simple tasks and giving us a helping hand whenever you can.
You may not remember, but we remember all the times we spent together *sobs* just laughing and being crazy
*susi crying like a fountain now**lowering head to avoid people from seeing my tears*

personally, I've learnt so much from you, more than i even realized. And i believe, everyone here is the same as me. I hope you also learnt a lot from us, let it be about our culture, our lifestyle or our passion towards life.

susi, i remember you telling me about your ambition, that you want to be a photographer. Pursue your dream when you get back susi, we believe you can do it, we believe that one day we will see you successful, and you'll be the greatest photographer ever.

*tears rolling down Susi's cheeks*

Susi, when you go back there, remember to tell them about Malaysia, tell them about the people you've met, tell them about the food you've eaten, tell them about derma. *chokes because of tears*
*Susi sobbing really hard, her lips trembling*

when you get back to Germany, remember to study hard and don't sleep so much, you should learn from the dermarians to always study, that's what dermarians do. *smiles*
and as you bring your Malaysian baby back to Germany *Susi giggles* don't eat like you used to eat in Malaysia, take care of your health and eats lots of vegetables and food...i mean fruits *blushes*

I'm sorry for the times we spoke in Chinese and you never understand what we were saying
*hears a few Chinese friends below laughing*
we never knew how you felt when you didn't understand a thing we said until we heard you speaking to Marissa in German and we didn't understand a thing.
*big grin**Susi laughs*
I'm sorry for the times we've ignore you when we get so excited with our own conversation.
I'm sorry for the places we haven't brought you to
..cause one year is so short...*starts crying again*
I'm sorry for all the things we've done wrong.

*Susi's eyes filled with tears*

Susi, i hope you never ever forget us, because we'll never ever forget the German girl who came into our lives and stole our hearts away. Till we meet again, Susi. When i see you again one day, I'll give you a wide smile and we will recognise each other.
till we meet again.
ish liberdish (i love you in german) chus
thank you.

*goes down the stage in tears**finds my friends down there crying, all with red noses and red eyes =P* *finds my tissue packet almost empty* *was hated for making everyone cry* =D

rhu yie: your speech was so touching!!! i hate you, you made me cry so hard.
susi: chrissss i hateeee you!!! *big hugs*

susi, till we meet again. =)

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