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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Bali Trip

It just happened to turn out that the midyear exam was right after the Bali trip, or the other way round. =P Before going, i just stuffed my biology reference book (which was very heavy) and my history text book into my bag. (which was useless since i had no time to study them anyway) Then with the two heavy books in my bag, i was on my way to Bali, of course i was worried about my exam because i studied nothing. But since mum had already bought the ticket, there's no point wasting it. =D (the books were to make me feel better about the whole before-exam-go-on-holiday-trip)
i would love to write about everything in Bali but if laziness overwhelms me then you might just read a part of it

so the 1st part which was the most interesting and i would say was the main part that i would remember for my whole life during this trip was, never let a monkey steal your glasses. weird no? well apparently, my dad was taking a pictures of the waves when we were walking along the cliff which was one of the sight seeing areas, then a monkey came in a split of a second and took his glasses when dad was focusing his camera lens. The monkey, grasping the spectacles while biting it,then jumped down the mountain, and finally disappearing behind the trees. then there went my dad's glasses. the monkey was so fast that it took me a moment to realize that dad's glasses was stolen!!! by a... monkey??!! so poor daddy had to go through the whole day without his glasses and he couldnt see anything of course, even the show at night, i guess all he saw was objects with colours moving around. It was all rather funny when we thought about it. tell me about it, daddy wasn't exactly frustrated about the monkey thingy, he was kinda excited because he got new glasses, and he even told everyone about the monkey incident no matter where he went or whom he met. (even when we were shopping and talking to the worker beside the beach!)
oh least after that incident, i held tight to my camera and daddy kept away from the cliff where most of the monkeys are. and Thank God no one got hurt! who knows the monkey might have scratched daddy's face =O

all for monkeys tonight =) will continue..

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