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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

what do i want?

when i have all the time in my hands, i thought i could make full use of it, do things i've always wanted to do, come out with achievements im satisfied with. however, it's not true..

when i focus on what i want to do..

i end up with too much.

when i lose sight of the important things in life

i achieve nothing

when i forget how to relax myself

i end up very tired

when i push myself so much

i do worse than i usually do

when i lead the life i've always wanted

i find my life meaningless

when i have all the time of the world to do anything i want to do..
i've decided..i'll not do what i want to do.
but i'll do what i need to do.


  1. do what you're CALLed to do. =)

  2. haha that means studying =P yiaks

  3. that means MORE than studying, MORE than what's laid before you, MORE than what you think you can do, because an extraordinary God gives birth to an extraordinary child! =D

  4. awwwww...thanks sister =D yes, more than studying!! God's calling =)