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Sunday, June 27, 2010


I'm the youngest, he's the eldest
we are 11 years apart
Because I'm the youngest, i was always the little girl in his eyes

I love to draw, because i 1st saw him drawing
he is the child who's the most obedient, while I am the one who's the most rebellious

i remember him as the one who never got angry, but i was the one who always got emotional =P

he seldom says anything but he never fails to encourage me everytime

he never praises him himself but he praises me in front of someone else
he believes in my abilities more than i believe in myself

on a rare occasion, i was seeing my eldest brother again.

When he came back i was already sleeping, when he was leaving i just woke up from my sleep.
i managed to say a few words to him in church, but when he's at home i had no chance to say anything much
he left a bracelet on the table the night before, somehow i saw the bracelet after a day
i thought he never knew what i liked, but he always managed to bring back presents i always wanted
he gave me everything my parents did not give, although he spent the least time with me in my life

when i see the pooh, tiger, eeyore and piglet pendants on the bracelet i felt so blessed. koko and his girlfriend remembered that i loved pooh, which most people don't even remember or know.

the bracelet may mean nothing to somebody else, but it means the whole world to me when i see my name's initial on the bracelet. It means CHRIS.

it means... specially MINE.

when he's not here i did not miss him, when he came and left i realized how much i missed him
as the little sister, i received more love than i know from my eldest brother.

p/s: i'll keep this in my heart as long as i breath =)

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