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Sunday, December 19, 2010

what makes chris, CHRIS? (part 2)

remember part one of what makes Chris, CHRIS?

here's part two! Again, it's full of random stuff about me. so if you're not interested, you better just stop reading right HERE. XD

1. i love to eat cheese.
2. i always lose my stuff because I'm so forgetful and careless. =(
3. i think I'm kinda a home person, i don't mind staying at home the whole day
4. I'm so not mushy with people close to me
5. i love flowers! especially lilies and tulips!
6. i don't know how to make up and i don't like eye liners because they look like colour pencils =P
7. I'm not really a big fan of nail polish
8. i prefer dogs over cats
9. i believe in true LOVE =D
10. when I'm sleepy, my mind goes blank
11. I'm nocturnal! not really a morning person.
12. i can't wait to get married and have kids! (okay this is a joke)
12. i'm thinking hard about my future career
13. my heart melts easily when people say sweet stuff or do anything nice for me =)
14. my favourite statement for now is "eh...super nice ehh!"
15. i love kids!
16. i worry too much about things that aren't worth worrying about
17. i'm a bad decision maker, surprise?
18. i have a big NONO towards perverts =O
19. i can bake but not cook, except cooking maggie mee of course
20. i think i act like a grandma/aunty/mother sometimes, not a very good sign. TOO LONG WINDED

i think thats all for now! i hope i didn't bore you out with these SUPER random facts =P


  1. hahahahahhahaa. so bad la you! =P i think both of us act the same way sometimes.