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Sunday, April 18, 2010

what makes chris, CHRIS?

1. i can't tolerate people who do not have basic manners
2. i tend to hit the person beside me when i realize i just did a mistake, that's why my tuition teacher often pities the guy sitting next to me
3. i keep quiet when im unhappy with a person
4. i like to joke with people but they think that im being serious when i tell them something that is obviously untrue XD
5. i love to convince people to get married and live a happy life but nobody's convinced.. YET
6. i love curly fries but not skinny fries like those in mcD but fat fries are okay (if they're called fat fries)
7. i used to love studying but now im not interested at all
8. i don't want to believe it but i have to admit that i like someone easily (not LOVE)
9. my heart drifts away easily, i can like something for a month then like another the next month (not refering to boys =.=) for example, i change ambitions very often.
10. i don't like people to bug me or to tell me what to do
11. i cry easily (i cried even when i was watching biggest loser, crazy huh)
12. i used the word sucker for the very 1st time and got scolded for using the word (at least i didnt use it many times before i realized that it is not a good word)
13. when i lose my temper, i just need to listen to music for minimum 20 seconds then i'll be back to okay again (sometimes i even forget why im angry after listening to songs)
14. i get angry easily with people who are very close to me because i care a lot
15. i have phobia towards guys who try to pursue me, seriously
16. i love to make friends and share everything about me with them
17. i don't mind serving people as long as they don't take me for granted
18. i cannot stand it if i were misunderstood, i'll probably cry or have a heartache until that person listens to my explaination and BELIEVES me be continued.. =D

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