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Friday, October 22, 2010

My father's heart

My father seldom speaks romantically nor is he good at expressing his feelings through words but there's one thing about him-- his actions always speak louder than words.

My father do not need poetic expressions of words or fancy sentences to tell us how much he loves us, he just quietly do things for us, always ready to sacrifice anything for his family.

My father might act like a child sometimes to bring a smile to our faces but I know in my heart that he is more mature than anyone else I know.

Most of the time I do not realize, but in my father, I get a glimpse of my own reflection. Our weaknesses and strengths, flaws and gifts, it's who we are inside.

My father says it's okay and doesn't want us to worry but he doesn't realize that he being stubborn just makes us worry even more. Making him change his decision just by an inch is as difficult as moving a mountain.

My father acts tough all the time but he has the softest heart. Just a call from any of my siblings brings a smile to his face for the whole day.

My father cannot wait to tell my whole family when I make him happy or proud. he sees more in me than I see myself. Sometimes I act like I cannot hear but I have heard him talking to my brother about me. =P

Despite my father's interest to tell other people good stories about me, he likes to tell them embarrassing moments of mine even more. For example, i think he told the whole world how i wore my swimming suit with the wrong side front and yes, many more humiliating stories. And every time, the stories result in roaring laughter, oh if i can find a deep hole and hop into it. =P Nevertheless, this is how my dad brought so much fun into our family.

My father has the biggest heart ever. He never hesitates to give no matter in terms of money or service. He himself wears a shirt for 10 years whereas he spends for other people.

My father tells me that he will forgive me no matter what I do, be there for me no matter what happens. This is so because a family stays together no matter what. He has emphasized that family is the MOST important for like a million times before.

My father has a faithful heart after God. He never ceases to serve God whole-heartedly and to seek Him in making every decision. My father is who he is today because God full of grace has poured abundant blessings over him and his family.

My father shed tears of joy when he knew that his two sons were getting married. There's nothing else that can bring more joy to my father's heart. All he wants to see is every child of his having a bright future ahead. Just knowing this makes him contented more than ever.

My father never said that he has successful children because he's a good father. The only thing he ever said was God has been good to him, that's why his family received so much blessings. For by our strength we are nothing, but with God we have everything.

My father's heart's desire is to give, love, and believe

He has learnt from the best, our father God in heaven.

That's why I have the greatest daddy on earth! =)

p/s: this post should be enough to make my dad smile for 50 years =P

note to sis: look at his pictures! all wearing the same nautica shirt! we should really get him a shirt the next time. hahahahahhaah


  1. you purposely pick all the nautica ones??!?!??
    there's one where he's wearing NOTHING! =D

  2. Oops!!! Daddy exposed! =P no I just randomly pickEd some nice pictures and realized that all of them had daddy wearing nautica shirts!