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Saturday, October 9, 2010

baking cupcakes!

during the holidays, joie, joanna, suzie and suyen came over to my house to bake cupcakes! we had lots of fun mixing, beating, baking and decorating! and of course, the cupcakes were delicioussss!!!
sorry, there're no more left =P
here are the photos, enjoy! this time, less words, more pictures =D

from left: suyen (the "awarder"), me (egg eyes), joie (chilly eyes)

Before baking

After baking: cupcakes from heaven!


hearts and stars =D

smileys!!! =)

joie's amazing cupcake
upper left: suyen, upper right: suzie, lower left: me!, lower right: joie

the circle of friends and cupcakes

cupcakes are delicious!!! give a BIG LIKE!!

i love cupcakes! i love my buddies!

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