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Thursday, April 12, 2012

It's not just an offer, it's a miracle.

To the Lord Most High I give all the praise and glory. He has made all things possible and revealed His greatness through my weaknesses...

To my family members who have wanted the best for me and gave their very best to make my personal statement as impressive as possible, I want to say thank you. They were patient when I was stubborn, they were helpful when I was helpless. Most importantly, they continued to believe in me and reassured me that no matter what the outcome will be, they will always be there to support my decision...

To my friends who have seen me through the whole process of applying and gave their opinions and support..
Also to those who were so confident in me that I will definitely get a place when I dared not keep my hopes up too high...
I'm very grateful to have people like them as friends.
They offered all sorts of help and never failed to wish me the best before I attend every interview. They cried and laughed with me even until the very end...

I know that I have received news a while ago. I know that many of you still don't know the whole story.
So, here's my story.

When I applied to study dentistry in the UK last year, many people told me that it was a tough competition as there were only about 5 places for international students each year. However, I wanted to pursue what I've always dreamt of and believed that God would take care of my whole application. The application process was not easy, so was the waiting process. When i received my first rejection, God gave me His peace and I somehow knew that God had a better plan. I knew that He would send me to a place where He wanted me to be. One week before U-turn, I went for an interview from the University of Newcastle. That was my first choice University and it appeared top for dentistry this year. I did some research and I realized that I really liked it but everyone told me that the requirements were really high so the chances were slim. Anyhow, I attended the interview and did really badly as far as I could remember. I wasn't able to answer many questions based on dentistry. I just remembered praying that the holy spirit will lead me to say things that God wanted me to say. I broke down after the interview, thinking that I have failed God, my family and my friends who supported me. Although I had already secure a place in Dundee, I really desired to go to Newcastle. However, I trusted God that He had the best plan in mind and didn't expect anything but asked Him to do His will. I also prepared myself for the worst and prepared myself to receive the rejection letter. haha!

I knew in my heart that I wasn't good enough and only a miracle could get me a place.

During my first week of U-turn, I received news from Newcastle and they offered me a place! I was overwhelmed because I knew that God was in the picture and He gave me the best University in the end. He revealed how good He always is and how He desires to bless me when I choose to trust in Him. God is so, so good. Truly, I did not get a place by my own strength, but by His love and power.

Thank you for the miracle. =)

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