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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Looking Behind the Covers

If they saw only the surface with naked eyes,
who will still choose to wait?

the one who takes time to understand the layers within,
proves to be faithful and forgiving.
Layers of the past reveal the truth,
but time is needed to reveal the layers.

If they assumed that the cover is hard,
who will still look beyond to see the delicate?

the one who is careful not to break the fragile piece,
proves an ability to protect and to preserve.
The cover may be hard,
But every heart still has a desire to be cared for.

If they knew the truth behind the covers
who will still choose to stay?

the one who learns to love the worst part,
proves to love unconditionally.
Love not only the good things,
But love, knowing the true meaning of it.

If they knew the broken parts inside
who will still continue to trust?

the one who believes until the very end,
proves to hope in the Lord for the very best.
our own strength might bring dissapointment,
But through Christ nothing is impossible.
Under every disappointment or problem,
there is a blessing in disguise;
despite every flaw or mistake,
there is still beautiful goodness;
if and only if, we don't judge a book by its cover.

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