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Saturday, November 13, 2010

a super duper random post

i just realized how much i miss updating my blog. =) are some random stuffs.

1. spm is a week away.
2. i think, it should be okay.
3. about number 2, i was talking about spm
4. geesh i should stop talking about spm.
5. okay, so...

wait, spm is JUST a week away????

6. okay I'm freaking out
7. no la don't worry, it's nothing
9. yea right, maybe i should get back to my books
10. i would be praying for all my friends who are taking spm  =) all the best to all of you!
11. i've been eating and sleeping a lot lately
12. i've been thinking of plans after spm every single day
13. hold on, why am i still talking about spm?
14. right...ummm.....well...i don't think i have anything else to talk about for now
15. i just came online for like a LITTLE while to update my blog

please don't scold me =(

or miss me.. =P hahahahahhahahah

16. okay i guess that's all. CIAOS! =D

p/s: sorry if you read this post and you think it's total crap =P
i'll come up with decent posts when im free, which is after spm =)

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