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Thursday, April 29, 2010

HELP debate =D

i never thought that i would have so much fun during the debate tournament in kl. last year it was different, we went there and we didnt have any chance to make friends, it was more like merely a competition. but this time, it's full of fun and we learnt so much throughout the four debates. a week before the debate competition, a guy called me and informed me on how our teacher faxed the registration form late and we won't be able to take part anymore. it was a nightmare! we were so desperate that we asked mars to pretend as teacher azaliah to call to HELP college to beg them to accept our already-pass-closing-date-form, we even lied to them that our school had a black out! that's why the registration form arrived late. lol! but they just kept saying SORRY. not only that, we were also so devastated that we even recorded a video entitled "why help should accept our registration form" (which includes shouting and insults of how HELP has made us so disappointed, it includes us shouting losers very loudly and tearing the HELP debate registration form into pieces, though we know that it's our teacher S's fault. it's just for the sake of the fun and a way to release our sadness. it's so funny when we looked back at the video! =D) anyway, our hopes to give a try and somehow have a chance to beat those kl schools were shattered. but amazingly, God opened the door and we were on our way to the debate competition again =)

The week before was tiring, we slept at 1am everyday, preparing for the four debate motions, looking for any information we can get, research, discussion, research, discussion.. it went on for the whole week, we skipped classes, sacrificed our study time, we wore ourselves out but we were determine to break the record =D we wanted to win, badly

on the way to kl..
We debated in the bus and adam kept laughing cause everyone in the bus was looking at us but i was not aware. so i was going on with my rebuttal which everyone is obviously listening to. well but who cares? =P it was fun! we took many crazy photos and can't stop laughing all the way. then we found out that 2 indian guys sitting behind adam and i are stalking us! the girls, of course. =P they kept looking at us and it felt uncomfortable. anyhow, we took photos and realize that the indians are in our photo, so we used the very high tech editing tool in my camera to block their face with some kind of cartoon =D lol! *in very excited mood* we kept telling each other that we're gonna crush those VI guys and we called them sissies! we were meanies indeed (that's what one of the VI guys said to us, i'll get to that later) =)

at 5.30pm, we reached kl! *still very excited* we checked in our SUITE. yes i meant's a SUITE!!! and it's SWEET!! we were like super hyper when we entered the SUITE, we were jumping and exploring the room, simple awed by how HELP is so generous towards us =D but we realize that the wardrobe had 2 doors, one opening towards the outside, and one towards the toilet! what if someone opens both doors of the wardrobe?? then they'll see us bathing!! anyway, except the wardrobe issue, everything else was superb! so again, we took lots of photos!! be continued...

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