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Friday, April 9, 2010

Braces part 2

i hate my braces =.=
if i smile with my mouth opened, my teeth looks like it's rotten, and i have the photographer telling me "eh, don't need to open your mouth la!"
if i smile with my lips pursed together, people ask me why i purposely do that with my mouth. then i would ask "do what??im just trying to smile!" "no your lips look funny!" thanks to the braces on my teeth which make my mouth almost impossible to close properly, i look even more weird when i try to squeeze out a nice smile. geesh, then i might as well don't smile. that's why my passport photo which is in process in the photo studio right now is "smile-less" *sobs* i cannot bear to see it later. making a big fuss no? the photo is going to be on my passport, my L lisence, my library card and my MPP name tag!! oh or maybe i could stick a winnie the pooh sticker on my face, im sure people won't notice. (yea right) =.=
so what to do when i see a camera in the coming two years?
i came up with the simplest solution

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