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Friday, April 9, 2010

im no candle princess =P

The weather's extremely hot lately, even i, the one who can normally stand the heat when everyone is 'melting', who seldom switches on the air-conditioner, am craving to switch it on as soon as i step into my room. my room's like an oven, seriously! I wonder why is perlis the hottest state in the whole Malaysia, i meant hot, literally.
As everyone exclaimed how dark i've became when they see me, i guess i've forgotten the quote i've always clung onto -dark skin resembles a healthy body, that i had hated my skin colour. but then, i realize that's how i am even though i WAS fair once upon a time. My skin colour shows who i am =) because of who i am, i do not wear jackets or long sleeves shirts just to cover my skin, i don't bother to wear a cap when im in a rush to go out, i cycle under the hot sun at 3pm wearing shorts and t-shirt, i forget to use my umbrella when im walking under the blazing sun, in other words, it's just such a coincidence that being the forgetful, carefree and lazy me makes me dark =D
so who cares if im not snow white? im not going to melt under the sun anyway =P
i'm just being me, dark and all, it's just me

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