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Saturday, January 9, 2010

words said that warmed my heart

we are given the ability to talk, to say words of encouragement, words of comfort, words of compliment. Yet, most people including me tend to use it the wrong way, many times we hope we could somehow pull back hurtful words we said, reverse time and hoped we weren't so irrational and nasty to the others. In the same way, we might have heard many hurtful words said about us, but sometimes it's better to let go and to just remember the nicest thing people ever said about us. Because of this, I'm thankful that i still remember words said by people around me which warmed my heart.

1. She looked at me and whisper to me in a soft small voice "you're the nicest person i ever met". It was the 1st time.
2. "you're beautiful" the words appeared in the chat box, i know a sincere compliment when i see one, girls have very good six sense.
3. "you're really a good person, you know?" she told me. Sometimes she could say hurtful words to me but she's the only one who would say something like this to me.
4. "you have turned from an ugly duckling to a swan" she said to me."she could play the piano well too, some people praised her" mum told dad when I'm not the best in the family.
5. "you are smart" they told me when i don't think I'm smart at all.
6. "your name means perfect grace, God has made you perfect when you were borned" dad explained to me as he showed me the bible.
7. "you are such a dear, everyone wants someone like you as a friend" he told me. No i told him, he don't know me well enough but it was still a nice statement.
8. "she is pretty" she told her friends when they said she is prettier.
9. "you are too nice that's why she always bully you" they always told me. My buddies they are.
10. This delicate him always like to argue with me, we always had different opinions but i can still remember nice things he said. "It's a pity you aren't going to decorate the class this time." "Why are you always the one who says sorry 1st?"
11. "the song you played is really nice" she said. I almost lost confidence in piano before that, then i knew i improved because of the compliments
12. "she's the genius in my class, don't you know?" she told him as she beamed widely at me.
13. "you are my best friend" the neat writing written on the paper and a smiley at the corner with a huge "happy birthday" was the best.

I have so many weaknesses, I'm thankful that people around me could see through all my wrongdoings and my bad habits and still see the positive side of me. I'm more than grateful that my family and friends could stand my bad temper and accept me for who i am. I'm on my way to be more like my best role model, Jesus. =) less of me, more of Him.

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