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Saturday, January 23, 2010

heroes i love

"can i lie on your lap?" "sure" i laid my head carefully on her lap and practically threw my legs over the bumpy rocks. "you're such a big baby" he said, "luckily you're not doing this with a guy" As if i would do it on a guy, i thought. the sky looked even more beautiful when all you see is the sky and sparkling stars spreaded throughout. fell in love with stars, we all did..when they were talking, we were looking at stars, when they were preparing for bed, we were sitting outside with our heads tilted up towards the sky, when they were freezing in the cold wind, we walked to the highest part to take a better look of the stars. stars heroes i named ourselves. i still remember everyone of you when i see stars everytime, like a reminds me to remember you all. "stars mean nothing without you all" he said. i totally agree. =)

someday we must come together again, and chat under the starry sky like always, we told each other. no promises made, but if we still remember, maybe after a few years, this won't be just a dream after all.

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