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Friday, January 15, 2010

now i officially have 26 teeth
no more crackers
no more nuts
i wonder when can i eat the shortbread aunty and uncle gave to me?
people keep asking me why do i need braces??
i was tired of answering so i just told them "ask my mum"
and my brother and my sister
okay actually i kinda made up my mind myself, it wouldn't hurt to put on braces right??
wrong! it hurts..and i haven't put them on yet. ahahah
it hurts cause you gotta miss out all the best food..
well at least i still can eat chocolate =)
oops..i meant SUCK chocolate
now i look like a kid who lost her teeth because of too much "sweets-eating"
and when i can see 2 big holes! =D

bye bye wide smile! see you after two years!
p/s: learning to smile without opening my mouth

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