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Sunday, January 3, 2010

phuket part 1

im back from phuket!
i really wanted to write about everything we done in phuket, but...hahahha..yea im too lazy to do that. so i'll just..err..write a few interesting things about it?

1st day
we woke up at 7, feeling really drowsy. slept and woke up and slept again during the whole journey. It took 6 hours to phuket but it wasn't that bad coz it's fun to travel with so many people which includes koko sze ern, vivien, koko haoern, rachel, dad, mum and rachel's parents. most of the time we joked about koko's massive eyebags. hahaha. then we realize koko had eyebags since he was borned! =D

that night we watched the pondan show. all the women we saw on stage were actually men, who decided to become women and apparently loved it and were proud of it. they walked around the stage with their artificial thing, and i wondered why were their legs so nice and thin?? i gotta admit, they were very pretty, but no, not prettier than women as said by my friends, because i bet they put on extremely thick make up.
some of them were really funny when they danced, it's really obvious they're trying too hard to move their hands naturally. however, some of them can dance really well, they move even more gracefully than i do! lol.then, after the show, they stood outside so that the audience could take photos with them, but you have to pay rm4 for 1 person, rachel and i took pictures with one of the pretty ones, we have to pay rm8, and he/she is not even a real women!!! imagine paying for a paste!

would post more after this!

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