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Friday, October 2, 2009


"Go see a video on my profile,"he told me. I promised him ok then i started to search for his profile on facebook. I clicked the link as soon as i saw the video, 'a worth of sacrifice'. i knew what it was about, but i still watched it because he wanted me to.

I remembered the little boy holding his father's hand, with an angelic smile on his face, it reminded me of the One he represented. His father worked as a bridgemaster on the railroad, he was suppose to control the rising and the lowering of the bridge for the ship and the train to pass. On a tragic day, his son followed his father to work. The son was fishing when he saw the train moving very fast towards the bridge, being anxious, he shouted for his father. However, his father did not hear his shouting, so he decided to save the passengers himself as he was nervous for the passengers' safety.. trying to reach down to the emergency handle with his small hands, he fell into the hole below the bridge. My heart twitched, his father saw the whole scene, but he was too late to save his kid. Now, he could still save his beloved son, even so he must sacrifice the whole train in order to do that. I see anguish in his eyes, agony in his face, i knew how much his heart ached. He could only make a choice.. At last, he pulled the trigger, crying...crying as his whole body trembled, he saw his own son crushed by the bridge. And the train, passed the bridge safely, with the people inside not knowing anything that had happened. They were still laughing, chatting..without realising someone they didn't know sacrificed his beloved son for them.

tears welled in my eyes as the video had begun to end, i felt a lump in my throat and i told him it was very touching. "i cried," he said. I told him i knew how he felt. Sometimes, God talk to us in so many ways, through so many things, perhaps a letter, a video, a song, or maybe a person. The video demonstrated how great is our Father's love for us. How many times am i reminded of this important fact but i still forget about it everytime. Why did He do this? You may ask. It's all so simple, it's because he wants you to know He loves you and He wants to be a part of your life to bring you through the storms and hold you when you fall.

He sacrificed his one and only son..his lamb.. for every single life on earth
and ask.. for nothing in return but a 'Yes'
"for God so love the world, He gave his Only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him,shall not perish, but have eternal life"
John 3.16

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