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Thursday, October 8, 2009

i stood in the rain for about 5 minutes, pressing the doorbell again and again, it was irritating, really.. impossible that no one was at home to open the door for me. It was getting on my nerves, i walked to the side gate and pressed the doorbell again like a hundred times per minute (if i really did pressed the doorbell a hundred times, but no)

As the rain drops continue to fall on me, i felt the sticky and wet gate under me and the dogs standing on their two feet blocking my way. Go away, i ordered shiro and pebbles, they trotted away as i jumped down. Adrenaline rushing through me got me almost slamming the doors. i went upstairs and open the door, 'why didn't you open the door?', i said in a 'not so nice 'way. she was kinda shocked, 'i didn't hear the doorbell' she paused then continued' i went downstairs many times but no one was outside' 'can't you wait downstairs for me to come back?' i growled. she repeated 'i went downstairs many times, i even prepared an umbrella,' whatever...i thought in my heart as i went back downstairs, still feeling angry.

Then my phone started ringing.'what do you want?' i asked him rudely. ' i just wanna ask you whether i should put Susi's name as Susanne or Susi?' Arggh, why can't he decide himself? 'if there's a big space put Susanne, if there's not enough space just put Susi. got it?' i hung up the phone, logged in facebook and felt a bit better.

i guess i was a bit over the top, maybe it's because of my monthly friend.

hope i could control my temper better, at least i feel totally okay now.
Sorry, mum. Sorry, wei herng

drenched in rain-5 minutes
in the state of anger-30 minutes

1 comment:

  1. oh yea...
    dun blame urself for bad temper lah~
    blame wei herng lah..
    that stupid question is really annoying.. lolx..
    especially at that very critical moment...