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Friday, October 16, 2009

friday flu

i think i'm sick

i was having a flu since this morning

whenever there's wind, i would sneeze so hard til my body felt like jelly beside getting drained out of energy to even stand or see properly

the tissue box in my house is getting lighter, i realised the rubbish bin is getting full of icky gooey tissue balls. (i know, it's disgusting)

my flam or i would say mucus seems a waterfall

i even feel cold now although i'm wearing a t-shirt and shorts..augh

my throat feels weird, it's dry and it has a funny taste

i can barely open my eyes, adding the fact that i have small eyes

i have to type while blowing my nose

i used up 6 pieces of tissue papers in just 10 minutes

and it's increasing!!!!!!!


hmm...i feel better
seriously!! =)

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