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Saturday, October 3, 2009


I'm grateful for my friends who done things that made me smile, contented with my life, and i'm perfectly glad i had friends other people don't have

A Big Thank You to...

1. friends who reply my messages everytime
2.friends who would chat with me on msn when i'm really bored
3.friends who congratulated me when i did well
4. friends who share their food with me when im hungry
5.friends who wished me a safe journey before i went overseas
6.friends who asked how my tour was after i came back
7.friends who remembered my birthday and sent me a message right at 12am
8.friends who cared for me when i was sick at home
9.friends who would lend me money when i ask for it and trusting me to return the money
10.friends who tell me they love me
11.friends who would ask me if im ok when im not ok
12.friends who are willing to listen as i pour out my problems
13.friends who would listen even when my stories are boring
14.friends who are willing to forgive me everytime i did wrongly
15.friends who are willing to trust me even when i did the worst mistake
16.friends who tell me im not wrong when somebody misunderstands me
17.friends who tell me im too kind and too good tempered even when im not really that good
18.friends who lend me their shoulders when im tired
19.friends who would never ever block me in msn^^
20.friends who never say bad things about my family
21.friends who treat me lunch and never ask anything for return
22.friends who tell me the truth and never put on a mask
23.friends who tell me their secrets because they trust me
24.friends who would forgive me when i forget to return them their things after reminding me for umpteen times
25.friends who love me for who i am, weaknesses and all

last but not least,thanks to friends who read my blog to keep updated with my life =)

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