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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Your hands

I got down from the car, took the hand and held it in mine.

then, we walked towards the restaurant together.

The restaurant was chilly, i stared at my nails that turned purplejust as expected. We giggled as we noticed goosebumps rising along our arms. With my hands sandwiched in between hers, we rubbed them to warm each other's hands.

when my hands got warmer, I took hold of her hands and she happily exclaimed, 'your hands are warmer!'

Her palm is probably half the size of mine.

I always wanted a little sister.

so that i can hold her hands and tell her, 'everything's okay, I'm here for you'

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  1. haha. when you have a little sister, you won't do that. =P lol! you can treat me like your little sister. i'll happily play the role. =D

  2. mehhhh. no way Im gonna treat u like my little sister. i like to be the little sister too :D so i shall let u play the role of the OLD ONE.