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Friday, January 27, 2012

dermarian memories :)

'poof', the lights went out.
We stared at each other, expressionless. 'oh', was all we uttered. It's not like the absence of light was going to change anything anyway, we were chatting within our own group while the teacher...well.. Let's just say that he was giving us our frequent break during class. 'you all can do whatever you want to do, as long as you are not too noisy,' he always said. So, we ALWAYS happily did our own things---talk.

Then the light bulb moment came to me. Like the moment when u do a 'noodle dance' and you suddenly gain an outrageous idea. Not to say that my idea was outrageous, or that i did the 'noodle dance'.

So yeah, i think that day was some time after the mooncake festival. I was 14 and my level of hyperactivity was high due to high intake of glucose. Jokes! Back to the story, I saw the office chair with the broken seat, and thought of an idea to film something cool! (i THOUGHT it was cool) Ernie, as usual became my actor/scapegoat. He obediently sat on the chair and allowed me to twirl the chair around the room by holding the bottom of the wheeled chair whilst crawling on the floor. 'camera!' i directed and wh took out his fancy phone (it was the best among ours back then XD) and jy who has got the same phone shone the scene with her fancy 'phonelight'!

I seriously don't remember what zc was doing but i think he was busy with something. Sm and cp were our faithful audience who tried to hold their laughter throughout the whole process while Ry used her awesome mobile phone (hers was always the best too) to play the titanic song. The background music kinda failed because it started too late and there was dicapro talking for like a few minutes at the beginning XD

everyone practically rejected my idea, at first...
But then, i think everyone kinda got hold of the thrill of it while we were recording behind in the lab.

Oh I haven't told u the idea have I? Well, the idea was to put ernie on the chair, push him forward, backwards, sideways and the main point was to film only his body! Not the chairrrr, so that ernie will look like his flying to the moooonnnnn. But the camera man wasn't professional, so let's not blame him :P

Back to the crawling part.
So i was tugging the chair to the side, to the front while i tried my best to hide myself from the camera, and ernie did his part. 'Act like you're flying!' i shouted into his ears. He certainly did more than that!

We did only one take.
But let me tell you, it was the best take ever! XD only because of the last part! :P you watch yourself.

I had to ask for permission from ernie to show this.
Forgive us people, we were only 14.
We were half insane. :P

All my friends from Derma, i miss the times we had together, hopefully this post will bring back the sweetest memories to u all. Because while writing this, all i thought of were you people :)
It was disappointment that not everyone was back this time, but i still miss you all.