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Sunday, November 6, 2011

resolutions, no not for the new year

1. Eat an apple everyday to ensure smooth defecation. What?! I used a scientific term already. Okay i actually want to keep the doctor away.

2. Sleep early and wake up early! (this would probably never happen)

3. Keep my room tidy and clean :) it is now!

4. Eat breakfast everyday. Good for the functioning of brain! Seriously. My mum always says 'how to think with an empty stomach?' so trueeeeee!

5. Stop playing my guitar when i'm studying. So distracting. :O i also should not sing at the same time.

6. Remember to call my parents as often as possible.

7. Eat my food before they expire or have fungus growing all over them. But of course, i still eat them after they have expired. I'm still alive.

8. Remember to keep my friends in prayers. I always forget :(

9. Crack more lame jokes and make my friends laugh. Haha :P

10. And oh. Maybe stop going to the foyer and talk -.-

I'm convinced, i can do these.

At least half. ;)

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1 comment:

  1. LOL shouldn't post the ones if u're so sure it's not going to happen, anyway, don't give up!