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Monday, May 23, 2011

plans for this holiday =)

now i can finally ditch the textbooks!

it's time for a meaningful and artistic holiday =D so i've decided to..

1. draw something! any ideas?
2. learn how to play the guitar well =)
3. record some random playing, just like always =D
4. compose a song maybe?
5. do some craft work, am still thinking.
6. design my own dress for koko sze ern's wedding. weee!!!
7. finish reading my novel =)
8. bake, bake, bake!!
9. hang out with my friends everywhere =D

things i've done...

1. bake an ice cream cake
2. hang out with my besties in my best friend's house
3. learn different guitar strums from youtube.

it's just the 2nd day =D there's more to come!!

im loving it!!!!

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