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Monday, May 30, 2011


i flipped the pages and found familiar drawings across the lines. i stared for a while, trying to remember whether those doodling belong to... "i drew this?" i asked her. "yes!" she grinned, her eyes forming two crescents.
i'm touched. the book was full of my sketches, things she asked me to draw every time i go to visit. From time to time, she will ask for a variety of things, ranging from princesses and houses to food and jewelries. Her happiest moment is when i show her her requested "item". her sister would be as excited as her, awed by those little things i drew that i didn't even think were nice.
"did you learn to draw in england?"
"umm.. no.. never learnt." i stated as i tried to concentrate drawing some fruits she wanted.
she giggled saying "i'm very happy today" i smiled.
i turned to her sister. "do you like to be happy or sad?"
"happy.." she mumbled. "then why do you want to cry everyday? you should smile. like this." i tried to convince her as i showed her a balloon i drew. it had a smile on it.
she smiled.

yet i know, deep inside my heart, things weren't that simple.
i should have went to visit more often when i knew that her sister has been crying almost everyday since the chinese memorial day (ching ming jie).
i could have been more caring.

now, everyone's wondering what's wrong.

we all know that only one thing can change that.

we are all praying..

Jesus, will You touch her heart with Your love?

on the way back, i felt a strong passion in my heart, a confirmation instilled in my spirit.
i held my breath as i envisioned my future, a vivid one.

i finally know which path i am to take.

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