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Saturday, April 2, 2011


It has been a long time since i last recorded my own composed songs. most of the time I'll just simply play them (like i always do) and before i knew it, i would forget what i played a few minutes before!!! then when people come asking me what song i played, I'll just stare at them blankly and tell them that i have no idea either =.= well that's because it's totally random! it's rojak playing my friend said. 

a recording phone would really come in handy, too bad my phone crashed. =(
i can't really record any videos now.

this is my last recording. i kinda liked it because it's not really the typical kind of music i used to record =)

okay it's still my style, but it's a bit different from my other compositions right? =D
i compared this to my early recordings and I'm glad to say that I've improved. yay!

random fact:
dad heard my recordings because i played several on the computer. he commented that they were nice and i should send them to my friend's aunty who's a very good musician. he even said that i should insert lyrics into my melody to be performed in koko's wedding. cannot lah, those songs aren't meant to be sung =O
maybe i should work on my brothers' songs now =/

i desperately need a recording hand phone right now!

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