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Friday, January 21, 2011

15 things about my first week in college

1. a lecturer i didn't know held her umbrella over me when it's raining and walked with me till i reach my hostel. That's when i realized that there are very sweet lecturers here. =)

2. i met friends of friends and realized that everyone is linked to everyone. =O

3. i came to realized that there are very nice people here who cares for you even though they don't really know you yet.

4. my classes end later than in secondary school but it is worth it =) though i feel so tired at the end of the day.

5. although i keep telling people that im "pyramid sick" but i love the fact that the canopy walk makes it so easy to get to sunway pyramid =D

6. weekends are awesome but boring when you have nothing to do.

7. i have so many decisions to make already and they're giving me headaches. =/ at the end of the day, it more about following my heart and asking myself how i would like it to be. time to grow up?

8. my mum called me almost everyday? it's better now.

9. i screwed up the 1st time i washed my clothes =P well, at least my clothes are still in shape despite the furry white stuff covering my clothes which i have no idea where they came from.

10. this computer lab must be greatest place in college except during public holidays and weekends =(  they're closed on those days!

11. i love my housemates, classmates and collegemates =) they're all awesome people.

12. i sometimes miss home and the people back in perlis =) no one can replace them.

13. i proudly told everyone that i'm a perlisian. most people know that i'm a perlisian but don't know my name XD

14. walking to classes which are far apart from each other and climbing up and down the stairs in my hostel everyday certainly made my legs stronger =P maybe i even have bigger muscles already =D

15. the most frequent question i was asked since the 1st day is, "is your name just CHRIS?"

yeah. JUST Chris =)


  1. the furry white stuff on ur clothes r probably tissues u forgot to take outta ur pocket..hahaha

  2. EXACTLY!!!! it happened again during the 2nd time. it IS tissue!

  3. lol. tissue. good to hear u have made such nice friends. yea i miss the people back in perlis too D:

  4. i miss you too suzie!!!! one day i must go and find you =O heard that you made great friends too! =)