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Friday, August 27, 2010

C for Chris =D

4 years back, my 2 best friends came up with an idea of describing me using words starting with the letter C.

so it went on like this.

Cheerful Chris!

Cute Chris!

Crazy Chris!!! *evil laughs* good one!

and yes..many more. =)

Words to describe me doesn't all start with the letter C. But here's a list of the adjectives which starts with C. amazingly, most of them are kinda true =D

1. Cute
i guess my personality kinda makes people think I'm cute? perhaps not my appearance, but my reactions, as said by my friends, are funny and in a way cute =) however, cute means ugly but adorable, so yea. =P pretty sounds so much better *hint hint* haha.
2. Crazy
ahh..very crazy!! i did such crazy things that i had never ever thought i could ever do. Let's not get to the examples =P And of course, how can we miss my crazy jokes and laughter =D

3. Creative
i do like to think of new and fresh ideas other people never thought of, but whether I'm creative or not, you be the judge =)

4. Cheeky
aha, yes cheeky like a monkey indeed. evidence=someone wanted to tie me to the pole. i often receive statements like "can you not jump up and down but stay still for a moment?" haha!

5. Cheesy?
sometimes when the mood comes, yea XD i would say cheesy phrases to my friends for fun.

6. Cool!
i know most of you would be shaking your heads right now. but hey, sometimes I'm kinda cool! right???? =D

7. Clever
erm... maybe in some ways. but I'm also stupid in a few ways. So, it's fair enough. =p

8. Chatty

yesssss! especially when I'm with my good friends =) we always have never-ending topics to talk about.

9. Classy?
i hope so! but yea...=( i don't think so

10. Clumsy
mum says, "Chris ah, why you so clumsy one. Hands like legs, legs like hands!"
hahahaha =D oh well, if you know me, you should know how clumsy i am =P

11. Careless
very careless! i always leave things around everywhere and end up losing all my stuff which is a very sad thing. =(

12. Clueless
the very frequent words said are"what?" "huh?" "apa?" when i have no idea what they are talking about. oh all the clueless moments i had =P forgive me for not listening carefully or paying attention when you guys are speaking, that's why i always end up asking, "what did you say?"

13. Crappy
in the morning? yes! maybe it's because i don't have enough rest.

14. Choosy
it depends on the situation =) i'm choosy especially when i'm suppose to choose something to buy until i spend 30 minutes considering which is nicer. or maybe, longer than that until someone eventually breaks down and wails, "chris ah just choose any la!" XD

15. Childish
when many people come telling you that you're very childish then i guess it's true. in fact, no one had ever believed that I've grown more mature when i tell them, "older already, more mature now!" lol.

16. Cheerful
yippee! most of the time i guess =D but of course, i do have my "emo" moments too

17. Competitive
or in other words, it's called "kiasu". i admit that I'm "kiasu" in certain areas =D On the contrary, If it's about something i don't really care about, then i wouldn't care even if i lose. but let's remember that life is not about winning! (this is especially for the people who like to argue with me =P you know who you are)

18. Comic-like/Cartoon-like
it seems to be that I'm always exaggerating my gestures and facial expressions that my friends sensed that i act almost like a cartoon character. i think i learnt this from the television =P and it makes people laugh! hehe.

19. Creepy
if there's something creepy about me, that would be my bad habit of laughing or smiling to myself =O

20. Caring
sometimes i worry that the others will think that I'm being a little too much of a busy-body. But guys, i just care that's why I'm being so long winded a grandmother? =P

that's not all =)

C also stands for crown, cinderella, christ.

He places a crown of love and compassion on my head even though I do not deserve it, it's called God's GRACE =)

He is the King of heavens and universe. I will always be His princess not matter what. so from an ordinary girl to a princess, im just like my Father's cinderella =)

He lives in me. Jesus came to save us, sacrificing everything just to give us a pure heart that we may reconcile with our heavenly Father. He's my saviour. =)

*just Chris*

i know that words which start with C doesnt end here, so if you have any better suggestions, you're most welcomed to share =D
signing off for now, CC


  1. = = say me like vry thirsty 4 victory lolz u

  2. haha i was nt refering 2 u la dude..