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Friday, July 9, 2010

not home alone =)

staying away from home seemed sad at 1st, but then when i got to my aunty's house, it's not so sad after all. in fact, it's fun =)

1. when i get back home, my nieces cries out in excitement "chris gugu(aunty in chinese) is back!"
2. My aunty always cooks the best soup, yum!
3. My niece asks me to check her homework every 5 minutes, im her personal teacher =P
4. I hear voices no matter where i go, crying or yelling they're all sweet =)
5. i get to do my homework in front of the television..and end up watching tv
6. my nieces like to see me draw cartoons for them and they would always exclaim happily "so pretty!" after i finish drawing
7. my cousin sister always asks me to eat more when i have already eaten more than i can take
8. i have no computer to use which is a good thing =) it means that i'll do my homework obediently

yea i know..i came back to use the computer for a while.. i'll go back later =P

9. im not alone in the house =D
10. i have my nieces to make me laugh when they do funny things =D

in short, the stay is once in a while but worth a lot =)

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