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Thursday, July 29, 2010


if you dare to shut your eyes and imagine the wildest dream, a dream no one ever dreamt of, a dream no one would ever believed in, or a dream no one would ever dare to dream.

what would it be?

would it be a dream to become a princess? =D

or is it a dream of you standing at the peak of a mountain looking down to the picturesque scenery?

would it be a dream of you stepping into a place like paradise?

or a dream to be with the one you love the most?

if you dare to step out when everyone is hiding away, when things are not right and it needs to be corrected, when it is time to speak out for the weak...

would you do it?

would you be willing to risk it all for someone who is not worth your sacrifice?

would you take it all on your shoulders when it has nothing to do with you?

are you righteous enough?

If you dare to be braver than anyone else. would you choose to take this path?

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