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Thursday, February 4, 2010


i have heard about people i know falling sick, being admitted into the hospital.. or maybe even infected with deadly diseases.. yet, i never imagine what would it be like if someone close to me was that unfortunate person.. what would it be like?

mum told me that koko collapsed a few days ago, severe stomach ache it seems. What's happening? the hospital can't find what's wrong, the check up was to no avail.. he's not getting any better even after resting at home. today he was admitted into the hospital.. i had no chance to ask him, how are you? if i could talk to him, maybe i'll tell him to take care, ask him to get well soon, or let him know that papa and mama are praying for him every moment..

i'm useless, but i'll fast and pray for koko, that's the least i could do.

God please.. don't let anything happen to him..

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