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Thursday, February 4, 2010

memory lane

i can still remember dad calling me when he went out to do gardening, 'chris, come help me to water the plants!' he would call out. Koko would be playing basketball at this time wheareas sis would be doing something else or was outside somewhere, gardening was just not in her interests. While i, would be digging for rubber gloves and stretching my tiny hands into the too 'enormous' and 'long' gloves. I would tug the never-ending hose behind me and go from palm tree to palm tree until i finish watering the whole garden, only the front part. The whole process would take at least an hour, which was very boring and tiring,but it was my job. Weeds, every gardener's enemies, so ugly and unwelcomed. In evenings, dad and i would be pulling weeds from the soil, i never liked it, cause the weeds always seemed too much to exterminate. that's not the point anyway, i remember dad telling me something when i was pulling weeds one evening.
'i'll give you this house because you help me with the gardening, i'm not gonna give it to koko and jiejie cause they didn't help me at all' he told me. yes, and he told everyone at home. Koko and sis had exclaimed laughing, ' you could have it, we give it to you' =)

well that was years ago, the last time i actually went out to help dad while he was gardening was probably 6 or 7 years ago, embarassed to admit this but true.. i don't want anything in return, but come to think of it, dad must be really happy at that time..
he must be wondering what happened..cause im thinking the same

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