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Thursday, February 18, 2010


spending time with relatives for the past few days really opened my eyes to how most parents teach their children. some 'over' discipline their children while some 'under' teach their children. But some managed to teach a child so well that the child behaved so much better than i was when i was young. hehe. So from my observations, i got a few good tips on teaching a child.

1. when a child don't obey you, don't give in to him/her. Make sure she/he GIVES IN to you.
2. talk to children nicely when you want to teach them a lesson, make sure they understand what you're talking about. Give examples which involve the people in their lives
3. scold them when they are disobedient. don't be afraid to make them upset or angry. let them know who's IN CHARGE
4. give many compliments when they do the right thing, give small gifts as a reward
5. when they throw a fit because you don't let them do something they want to do, tell them they will never get that thing if they act that way. but not scold, don't use harsh words, just be stern
6. tell them you love them every moment you can
7. don't keep grudges of what they done..they're just kids, but make sure they that learn their lessons
8. lastly, always be patient =)

i just came to realize that it's not easy to handle kids, and when it comes to other people's children, it's even harder cause they're not yours, what if their parents get angry when you try to teach them something or discipline them? so i just canceled out the thought of becoming a teacher to teach mentally disabled children, maybe i could help out for a while, but for a lifetime? i'm not ready yet.. hmm... i still have time to think anyway =)

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