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Monday, December 7, 2009

Forum for me?

i received the email from Talkback Classroom Australia Malaysia Forum again!!!
my heart is pumping rapidly, i could hardly breath, don't reply don't i reply i told myself
then i hear a voice saying, nothing is impossible with God
yes, nothing, nothing i repeated

then i started typing the reply email

i know nothing about education of Malaysia and Australia. i can't believe they accepted my application, not like i have expected this because i just wrote it so that i won't be scolded by teacher for throwing this "golden" chance away. fortunately, i am saved by the camp i will be attending tomorrow, so thankful! means i don't have to attend the interview in kl!
so what if i attend it? it's not like i'm gonna be accepted.

oh yes..nothing is impossible nothing is impossible with God

so, i sent an email to inform them i won't be attending the interview session.
anyway, now they are asking me whether i could have the interview through skype!?
imagine how many people going through the interview while only 2 are accepted to go to australia! i couldn't stand a chance..might as well not reply them..

isn't it rude not to reply??

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