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Thursday, March 11, 2010

ello i'm back!!!!
the two-weeks-exam's finally over, finally im able to sit in front of the computer or watch tv the whole day without my parents nagging beside
well i don't want to talk bout the exam
don't want to talk bout my birthday (cause it's during the exam)
so i might as well talk bout the holiday?
noooo!!!!! i just remembered that we're having school tuition during the holidays!! argh!!! i want to tear down SMK DERMA!!! as if the tuition will make us get better grades, it just eats up all our free time to sleep and have fun.
which reminds me, i just finished my chinese paper this morning then i have to go to school again later for some kind of sejarah ceramah. like we haven't had enough during the exam??? my school is driving me crazy. anyway, im planning to flunk it and go to susi's house instead, we planned to play monopoly and now it's ruined because of the stupid bengkel thingy. ooh i have so much to do during the holiday!! like learning how to drive, watch alice in wonderland, maybe bake a cake? and well many many more! haven't decided but i would probably stay at home and sleep the whole day. yay! i haven't got enough of sleep during the exam you know. TT
seriously..i hate my school..

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