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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Serious Big Problems I Have

1. if i handcarried anything to school, i'll end up empty handed back home

2. i'll forget to bring it home because i only remembered my school bag

3. if im lucky, it still will be there after a few days

4. cause i only realise i forgot to bring it back after a few days

5. i left all kinds of things in school which includes my violin, my file, my drawing pad, my art bag, my school t-shirt (anything that's handcarried)

6. i have no idea why im so forgetful

7. Mum said that's because i always think of weird stuff like movies and other weird things girls like to day dream about

8. I often went upstairs to take something and forget what i had wanted to take after i reached my room

9. I have to say, i have brain for maths and science but certainly not for remembering small things

10. That's why i have problems with sejarah!?

11. I can remember what people said many years back (unless i wana forget it)

12. but i can't remember what they told me when they were talking about something important!

13. especially when they just told me like one day ago

14. perhaps it's because i spent 24hours thinking about useless things..again

i so need a personal reminder!


  1. Haha. So funny ya.
    Long time no meet, you still same as before.

  2. haha..can't help it, old habits die hard. Im so glad you still remember me, haha